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       Rabbit Awareness Week is an "annual campaign that aims to highlight the health and welfare of Britain's bunnies." - source. RAW was started in 2007 and is the newest event to help & celebrate rabbits. Currently it's mainly celebrated in the UK.

       "The sole aim of RAW is to educate owners about responsible rabbit ownership and improve the wellbeing of Britain's 1.7 million pet rabbits. We aim to simplify the way rabbit owners approach the five welfare needs this year, leaving the decision of which "One Small Hop" to make first in the hands of the owner." - source.

From 2016

"The UK is a nation of self-confessed pet lovers with recent research showing that rabbits are the 4th most popular pet in the UK with 0.8 million rabbits (PFMA Pet Population 2016 report). So we need to keep driving the messages about welfare for rabbits - especially for those pet owners who have got rabbits or are thinking about getting one!

Every year Burgess Pet Care, together with its partners MSD Animal Health (the producers of Panacur Rabbit), RSPCA, PDSA, The Blue Cross, Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) and Wood Green The Animals Charity join forces to focus on a different aspect of rabbit care and welfare.

During the RAW week thousands of vets and practises across the UK offer free health clinics for local rabbits and their owners. So it doesn't matter if your rabbits have never been to the vet before, it's the perfect opportunity to get them health checked by the experts!

Hundreds of retailers and rescue centres will be running fun and educational events to also spread the word about how to get the most out of pet rabbits by keeping them happy and healthy.

Together we aim to improve the lives of the UK's rabbits and stop them getting a RAW deal!" - source

What weeks has the Rabbit Awareness Week been held & Hot Topic?
  •  1st - 2007:
  •  2nd - 2008:
  •  3rd - 2009:
  •  4th - 2010: April 26th thru May 2nd - Rabbit Obesity
  •  5th - 2011: May 23rd thru 29th - Rabbit Behaviour (RSPCA joins as official partner)
  •  6th - 2012: September 15th thru 22nd - 'Prevent and Protect' - Rabbits need vaccinatig too
  •  7th - 2013: May 4th thru 12th - Diet
  •  8th - 2014: May 10th thru 18th -
  •  9th - 2015: May 9th thru 17th - 'One Small Hop' - Rabbits' welfare. What will you change?
  • 10th - 2016: June 19th thru 26th - Buddies For Bunnies‬
  • 11th - 2017: June 17th thru 25th - #HopToHay
  • 12th - 2018: June 2nd thru 10th - 'Move Away From Muesli'‬ ‬
  • 13th - 2019: June 1st thru 9th - 'Protect and Prevent' (‬RVHD2) ‬
  • 14th - 2020: August 10th - 23rd - '5 Welfare Needs of rabbits.' (Virtual Festival)

The Rabbit Awareness Week is still currently supported, visit their websites below!

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