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Posted: Clint Dinkums updated the description. April 26 at 2:08am 

Group explanation and origin.

        This is a group specifically for bunnies with the En En gene colouration and/or any bunnies with a diagnosis or suspicion of megacolon.

        This group is private and only members may post or read but please do refer anyone interested to us.

        It's an area which is underexplored in rabbits though there is much more research with horses, cats, rats. we are still hopeful for a rabbit specialist to take up the challenge of addressing it officially but meanwhile we have this list.

        I personally have had two male bunnies, Horatio and Beau Binky with diagnosed megacolon. both were born with it and struggled with it and its complications all their lives, and both lived to be 6 years old. neither died of megacolon nor related issues. my vet and i found ways to keep their guts moving, keep them comfortable pain-wise, and adapted over the years to control the discomfort and find foods they could digest well. these are the keys to the condition in my experience. Beau passed away aged 6 due to a severe inner ear infection, not megacolon. Beau's megacolon was the most severe i've encountered or read of and far worse than Horatio's but he was an extraordinarily resilient and happy bunny with a strong will to live. we miss him terribly, and he was the inspiration for this group and it carries on in his memory to help those bunnies who still struggle with the condition. beau is the photo on the group header, because his was the classic fur colouration associated with genetically inherited megacolon. (see medirabbit for description in our files).

        Please ask any questions and do your best to get your vets on board to new ways of treating this condition. gut MOTILITY, comfort and hydration are the keys to this condition!

        NO BREEDERS please!

        WELCOME mega colon bunnies and their caretakers, please introduce yourself and your bunny with a photo of their colouration when you've had time to take a look at our files and photos, thanks. please read the file for NEW MEMBERS and the GROUP RULES.