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       UPDATE: In August 2021 For Paws has placed online their: "The only official site for For Paws Spay & Neuter Clinic"

For Paws - Low cost spay & neuter clinic that operates on rabbit - Fremont, CA [Updated on: 08/29/21 10:37] - [Visiting from: ]

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40501 Fremont Blvd, #B
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 573-4660

For Paws does not currently have a offical webpage. We put this page together for reference if anyone was interested. Call For Paws directly for the latest information, including prices!

From For Paws

        "Low cost spay and neuter of dogs, cats, rabbits and rats (male only). Vaccinations and microchip available at time of spay/neuter. Call for CURRENT prices. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit currently open most Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (appointment required). Check-in between 9 and 10am, go home time usually between 4 and 6pm. ALL DOGS go home with pain medication, e-collar/cone is extra. CASH payment due at time of pick up. All dogs must be on a leash, tame cats in carriers, feral cats in traps, and rabbits and rats in carrier or container." - Call for latest information, hours, appointments, & prices as they can change.
  • Males must have visible testicles
    • Cost: $150 to $175 (Plus $50 to $150 for cryptorchid, 'undescended testicle')
  • Females must be 5 months
    • Cost: $200 to $250
  • Microchip optional
    • Cost: $15
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    • By appointment, Required
  • Prices can change!! Please call For Paws for the latest prices & hours! (510) 573-4660
    • Current as of Tue Jan 05 2021. Price source.

Pain Medication for Rabbits

       Currently For Paws does not prescribe pain medication for rabbits. When I asked about this I was told that only older rabbits may need it. You should talk to your rabbit savvy vet for pain meds before the spay or neuter operation for any age rabbit!

       There is a study that reports giving Metacam post-op (spay/neuter) will help recovery times decrease by almost 1 day with females and a bit over 1/2 a day with males. Metacam can also help reduce swelling and inflammation, helping prevent possible adhesions. This can be key for females.

       The reason that some vets give for not using Metacam is that it's an extralabel use for rabbits in the US. Some will point to the FDA's 21CFR530.3, this is the U.S. FDA CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), title 21, chapter I, part 530 (extralabel drug use in animals), subpart A, section 530.3, ". . . use in species not listed in the labeling . . ." There are many studies to show that Metacam is safe to use with rabbits when used correctly.
. House Rabbit Society Executive Director Anne Martin, PhD

       "For Paws does a great job with rabbit spay/neuters, and is one of the most affordable places for rabbit spay/neuter in the entire Bay Area! I often refer people to For Paws to have their rabbits spay/neutered when I am doing outreach at rabbit adoption events. I volunteer with Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, and For Paws does most of our rabbits, and we are very pleased with what a good job they do! Rabbits recover quickly after their surgeries at For Paws, and we haven't had any problems with incisions becoming infected or coming open. They won't do the surgery if the rabbit is too young, or if they think the rabbit is not in good health - this is a big comfort to us, as we know the vets use good judgement. If you have a rabbit who needs to get fixed (they will live longer and won't get uterine cancer, and boys won't spray the walls!), this is where to go!" - yelp
. The Rabbit Haven Director Auntie Heather

       "I love this clinic- What fantastic staff - Great surgical skills-Never one problem with one spay or nueter they have performed! We have taken hundreds of rabbits there. Thanks to this wonderful clinic for all they do to benefit the animals they serve - They are such compassionate, dedicated people." - yelp

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