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Katsuhiko Tanaka's Yuu-chan doing a perfect binky!‎

       Binky Day was created in 2012 by The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund. Celebrated on the first day in June. "A Binky is a rabbits way of showing joy and happiness. They jump, run and twist around for fun. The 1st of June is the RWAF #binkyday"

"Binky Day is coming on June 1st ... but what is a binky, you may ask?
Britney & Jak

       "A binky is what rabbits do when they are allowed to free run, and is an expression of pure joy. Most people know how dogs and cats express their happiness and their need for daily exercise, but sadly for rabbits, as the 3rd most popular pet - yet the most neglected in the UK - the rabbit binky is far less well known."

       "So, to raise awareness of the binky, and the need for owners to ensure that their rabbits have a proper environment in which they can run, jump, dig, rear up and of course ... binky, the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund is holding its first 'Binky Day' on June 1st." - May 30, 2012, Press Dispensary

A few Binky Day videos from the RWAF and others from over the years...

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